Our Personal Support Workers, Home Support Workers and Cleaners

“The work we do is challenging and valuable to the community. VHA is very supportive and tries to recognize staff for what they do. As an employee of VHA for the last five years I really do feel appreciated by VHA for the work I do.”
Irene, Service Coordinator, Community Programs

What’s so special about VHA Home HealthCare? Our support workers and home service providers.

VHA Home HealthCare has over 80 years of experience delivering home support services to clients in southern Ontario that make a positive difference in the lives we touch. VHA supports workers to help improve the comfort, safety and emotional well-being of people in their homes or long-term care facilities. The work is both physically demanding and personally rewarding. We have more than 900 support workers including:

Personal Support Workers (PSWs) who provide support services for children, seniors, people with disabilities and those near the end of life to help them keep their quality of life and independence. Services include:

  • Personal care
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Family respite support

Home Support Workers (HSWs) who provide practical support services for:

  • Families in crisis
  • Parents with newborns, or multiple births
  • Children with special needs

Home Service Providers (HSPs/Cleaners) whose cleaning services help clients meet public health standards and often prevent evictions. HSPs support:

  • People with mental health challenges
  • The elderly
  • People with disabilities

We’re looking for:

  • PSW candidates with PSW certificates and HSWs with ECE/Mothercraft/Mental Health training
  • Experience working with seniors, children and families is definitely an asset

VHA support and home service workers are:

  • Caring
  • Committed to improving clients’ lives
  • Flexible
  • Able to travel within the GTA
  • Diverse—we welcome people who speak more than one language

Training and Support

Quality care begins with quality people so we always try to support our workers to be their best by offering chances for training and development to reach career goals.

We provide financial help for professional development and arrange courses so they fit into your schedule. Once you finish coursework, we’ll do our best to give you chances to use your new skills and compensate accordingly. Also, as part of the VHA team, you’ll always have access to supervisor help and support from other members of your client service team.

Wages and Benefits:

We offer competitive wages that:

  • Recognize additional certifications
  • Provide a great benefits plan
  • Respect your desire for work-life balance and value your needs

If you’d like to work with a great team, develop closer relationships with clients and be paid fairly for your work, you belong at VHA.

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